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2019 Field Trips

The 2019 CPCOA Field Trips are being formulated this spring. Be sure to join your friends and neighbors on one of these great opportunities to meet other cabin owners while learning more about the area around our cabins. Be sure to sign up early for any trips you have planned and check back here to get the latest information as plans do change. We have some good ideas for this year! We are always open to new ideas so if you have any ideas please contact Carl Buchholz at

If you never been on one, check out the 2018, 2017, 20152014201320122011 or 2010 CPCOA Field Trip Reports to get a better feel for what they are like. 

If you have any questions or have ideas on future field trips, please contact
Carl Buchholz at


2018 Field Trips

Here's the latest info on this year's CPCOA Field Trips!   Join your friends and neighbors on one of these great opportunities to meet other cabin owners while learning more about the area around our cabins.

Be sure to sign up early for any trips you have planned and check back here to get the latest information as plans do change.

Here's this year's CPCOA field trips, and do we have some good ones this year!

Bull Trout Field Trip

Date: Saturday September 1, 2018
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: Union Creek Tract cabin number 4
Leaders: Fishery Biologists from Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

Bull trout are listed as a threaten species and live and spawn in the streams near our cabins. Some of the restrictions ( like vegetation management) that the Forest Service places on cabin owners are directly related to these fish. As cabin owners, we want these fish to be successful and increase their numbers. If they do not and become listed as endangered, there will be more restrictions placed on cabins near where bull trout live.

Come and learn about these large, beautiful fish that live next to our cabins. We will also learn and see what effect last year's fire is having and will continue to have on these fish. Hopefully, the bull trout will be spawning in Union Creek the day of our field trip, and we can observe their activities. Some are already staging (getting ready to spawn) in the American River near Union Creek. I would encourage you to bring children of any age as they can tailor part of their presentation to younger people. Also bring Polarizing sunglasses, because they reduce the sun's glare on the water and you can see the fish easier.

Union Creek tract is located on the north side of highway 410 between mile post 78 and 79 just east of the bridge that crosses Union Creek.

If you have any questions about this field trip, call Carl Buchholz at 509-966-4861 or email me at

Boulder Cave Guided Field Trip

Date: July 7, 2018

Time: 11:00AM

Location: Boulder Cave

Leader: Kelsey from the Forest Service

Kelsey will guide us on an approximately 45 minute tour of Boulder Cave. She will go over the geology, history, and current issues like bats and their white nose disease. After the tour for those who want, we will have a group lunch at the picnic tables. Bring a bag lunch.

Bring: walking or hiking shoes, a flash light, and federal parking permit of some kind. I will use my Golden Age pass. You can purchase one day parking permits there for $5.

How to get to Boulder Cave: take Forest Service Road 1704, which is on the west side of the Naches River just north of Cliffdell.  On Highway 410 just north of Cliffdell  turn west (there is a sign for Boulder Cave) which crosses the Naches River and then almost  immediately turn right (north) on to Forest Service Road 1704. Go 1.2 miles and you are there. 

Questions: contact Carl Buchholz 509-966-4861, 

Saturday, July 29,2017 - Thundereggs & Plant Fossils

Time: Noon
LEADER: Carl Buchholz
Meeting Location: Kaner Flats Campground on the Little Naches Road.
CONTACT: Carl Buchholz,, or 509-966-4861

This is the same meeting location and the same thunderegg and fossil location as in 2015 for people who have gone before. The thundereggs are small but can have excellent color. Some have green areas and red veins in them with crystalline quartz centers. We will also stop along the way to look at plant fossils in road cuts. These sites are right next to the roads, so there will be NO hiking. The thundereggs are in loose soil at this location, so they are relatively easy to obtain.

Tools to bring if you have them: rock hammer, shovel, small pick, pry bar, trowel, a three prong scratching digging garden tool, containers like zip lock bags and/or plastic jars to collect into, if you have a 1/4 inch hardware cloth screen bring it, some flat boxes like grapes are packed in to place large rocks and fossil in, some pieces of carpeting, rags, old towels, or newspaper to place between the rocks to protect them when packed in a box, gloves, knee pads are nice, water, and your lunch. You probably don't have all these things, but bring what you have. I have extra rock hammers and army shovels that you can borrow.

I think that this will be a good field trip for children, because it is easy digging and they can find some excellent thundereggs and fossils.

Saturday, August 12,2017 - History of Goose Prairie

Time: 10:00AM
Leader: Betty Ford Galland
Meeting location: Goose Prairie Inn
Contact: Carl Buchholz or 509-966-4861
Betty Ford Galland, who is reported to be in her 90's, with assistance from Sharron Ford and maybe other relatives will share the history as she lived it in Goose Prairie. She plans to ride around in a golf cart showing us the different historical places like where the store and post office were. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about Goose Prairie's past from somebody who lived through a large portion of it.

Gary Jackson has made all the arrangements for this field trip.

Old Growth Forests - July 8, 2017 - CANCELLED

Time: noon
Starting Location: intersection of Bumping Lake Road and the road that goes over the dam
Leader: Christina McKernan
Questions: contact Carl Buchholz at or 509-966-4861 
There are some beautiful special old growth forests in the Bumping Lake area, and this field trip will give us an opportunity to explore and learn about them with Christina McKernan, a botanist with the Forest Service located at the Naches Ranger station.

Hope to see you and your family and friends on this old growth forest field trip.

Paul Hammond's Geology Field Trip

Date: to be announced

This field trip was scheduled for 2016, but was postponed due to a health issue that Paul had.

Time: noon

 Starting Location: Whistlin' Jack  Lodge

The field trip will be from Whistlin' Jack Lodge , same as last year, heading north on WA 410 and FR 1900 (Little Naches River road) where the geology stops and discussion begins. After a couple of stops, we turn off west onto FR 1902, and follow 1902 west to Raven Roost with scenic views in all directions. I'd like to know what the towers were for atop Raven Roost. It's a long one-way trip. Participants should bring rock hammers, gloves, field glasses, camera, and probably a coat or sweater in case it's windy at Raven Roost. I'd like to emphasize the formation of the Cascade Range and its volcanoes with nearby Fifes Peaks volcano as an example, one of the largest volcanoes in the early geologic history of the range. The field trip ends at Raven Roost and the participants return along the same access road.

If you know other geologists who would like to attend, please invite them. Let me know if you do and if you know of other people who are planning to attend.  Then I can give Paul an idea of how many people may be attending his field trip. Usually he has had handouts and would like an estimate on how many people maybe attending.