Chinook Pass Cabin Owners Association     

Message from the President

December 27, 2018

Dear Chinook Pass Cabin Owners

Another year is about to wrap up. It has been a good year for us in terms of weather and the fire season. But that is not the case for so many others.  I would ask you to keep all the recent fire victims and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. While we were spared fires on Chinook Pass, we did experience a good deal of smoke from fires around the area and across the state. My hope and prayer for the new year is that we are all able to have a safe and enjoyable 2019 free of any fires.

This past year the Chinook Pass cabin Owners Association has made a few changes. We migrated from an “association” to a Not-for-Profit Corporation (not a charity). We will retain the name, “Chinook Pass Cabin Owners Association”, or CPCOA for short. We also moved our email system to a G-mail account which enables us to communicate to our members on a more stable platform. As a Board of Directors we are looking at ways we can improve our services to the members as well as taking advantage of the benefits of connecting via social media, e-mail, and our website. In the digital age we live in, we need to be aware of the technical limitations of some of our senior members as well as being relevant to the younger members that are joining us. Any input or time you would like to provide in developing, maintaining, and improving our social media services is deeply appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at

As cabin owners I doubt if very many of us bought our cabins to become more connected to social media or to anything other than the great outdoors. And,  I am sure most of us did not buy a cabin with the thought, “oh boy I can join an association!”. The good news is that with the advances of technology and self-control we can manage just how connected we are while at home or at our cabins. And, being in an association with other like- minded persons who own a cabin will have a positive impact on the enjoyment of your cabin!  The ability to maintain the Recreational Program within the National Forest requires a lot of work on a daily basis. It cannot be done with just a handful of people. It takes us all!

Not everyone views our presence in the forest as a positive constructive use of the forest and they work tirelessly to try and get us and our cabins removed. The good news is that together we make a substantial impact in the US Forest Services’ adoption of their Forest Management Plan. Individually we could never meet all the challenges associated with the Recreation Summer Home Program. Working together we make great progress with legislators, local and national US Forest Service Staff, other government officials, and outside stakeholders. The CPCOA is your local voice, the Washington State Forest Homeowners Association is your state wide voice, and the National Forest Homeowners is your voice at the national level. All three organizations play a role in the local Naches Ranger District which is part of the Okanogan Wenatchee National forest whose main office is in Wenatchee, Washington; and The US Forest Service Region 6 office in Portland which covers all of the Pacific Northwest area, and the head offices for the US Forest Service located in Washington DC.

We currently have a major issue in front of us as cabin owners, that being devastation due to wild fire and the management of fuels within our specific cabin tracts and overall Forest. Fires affect our insurance; threaten our cabins, and our family and friends safety. We need a strong voice in order to have an impact on legislation, forest Service Policy, and public opinion. The only way to have a formidable presence and voice is though the cabin owner driven organizations. Our dues and volunteer activities help us as cabin owners to address our concerns, impact legislation and Forest Service planning, and shape public opinion. Your membership in the CPCOA supports all three associations. If you are not yet a member, I would ask you consider joining the CPCOA. For all current members I encourage you to renew your commitments to the CPCOA.

I invite you to look around on our website, WWW.CPCOA.COM for more information about the Chinook Pass Cabin Owners Association.

Ralph M Berthon
Chinook Pass Cabin Owners Association